Welcome to the Triennial
Dr. Katalin Szili, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament

We live in a world being globalised at an accelerating pace, amidst the revolution of incredibly rapid information flow. That makes it particularly important from time to time to summarize the achievements of different branches of art. The Silicate Triennial and exhibition also exemplify how the scientific results can be incorporated in artistic creation. This is served by the new Hungarian forum of the archaic art of the silicates with a promising future perspective.

I am proud that upon the initiative and organisation of the International Ceramics Studio, this successful art forum for over 25 years now, the present event could take place to enhance the reputation of the organiser and our country.

I wish and hope that this initiative shall become a gradually developing and expanding traditional art event of wide international acclaim, as our job is to preserve and serve the cultural diversity of the world.

Dr. Katalin Szili
Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament

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